Displaying @ Agua De Oro, Geneva

sterling silver ring with gold leaf 24k

Shortly after arriving in Switzerland, we had the opportunity to display our ‘Atelier’ Collection in a beautiful and refined jewelry boutique, Agua de Oro (Grand-Rue 21, Geneva), located in the heart of the Old Town of Geneva. We were really glad for this collaboration and to see the interest in Ioana Enache Jewelry.


Geneva is well known for its multiple and luxurious watch and jewelry shops, beautiful promenades along the Lake Léman and the craftsmen’s workshops in La Vieux Carouge.


Photo Shooting by Lake Léman

photo shooting Ioana Enache Jewelry

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Olga, a very talented young photographer based in Lausanne. Soon after, we were already planning our first photoshoot. The session took place on a warm summer evening near the Jet d’eau in Geneva.


Our jewelry, the warm sunset light, and the luster of the beautiful Lake Léman were captured by Olga through her personal photography style. The make-up was done by Iryna, one of the most talented make-up artists in Geneva.


Finding the right people to work with is one of the best things that can happen to help your dreams become reality. The energy and the wonderful results could be priceless…