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Every piece of Ioana Enache Jewelry is designed by the artist herself. She creates unique custom and limited series of jewelry meant to bring beauty, joy and delight to your senses. From the vision of the first line to the finishing process, each piece is crafted by the artist and close partners. All the jewelry pieces are handcrafted in precious metals with natural precious and semiprecious stones, as well as cultured pearls.


Creation. Her Passion for a Lifetime.

It all started when Ioana Enache-Bordea (b. 1984) felt that her profession should be one that she would do with full pleasure and dedication. One in which she would enter a different Universe where Creation is the Master. One in which she can work on her jewelry the same way as she works on developing herself, from scratch to the finishing phase.

‘My hands are my guidance; they spell the words I cannot find to tell.’
‘I ‘see’ better with my hands than with my eyes. I look for the things that cannot be seen with the bare eye and transpose them into jewelry. Every piece that I make will eventually find its owner.’

With a degree in Architecture, Ioana first studied jewelry in Romania (2010) at Assamblage – Contemporary Jewelry School where she did multiple modules and workshops, including the Cire Perdue Technique and Nunome Zougan Technique. In 2017 she continued her studies in Florence, Italy at Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School and at Maestro Alessandro Dari Jewelry School.

Ioana continued her studies with the Drawing Jewelry course at David Craft Centre de Formation in Geneva, Switzerland, where she lived for two years.
‘The beautiful Lake Leman (Geneva), the city itself and the stunning green surroundings empowered me to create and develop my style on a different level.’

Unlike most designers, Ioana rarely draws her jewelry before it is created: ‘I let myself be driven by the beauty of the stone or the metal and I love to play with them in my hands, turning them on each side and finding their best angle. I let the Matter speak to me…’

Most present in her work are contrasting stones and textures, as Ioana often combines raw stones with finely cut ones. ‘Doing this really lets each stone highlight the other’s beauty and significance’.
Ioana believes that ‘the secret in creating great art lies in knowing how to develop an alchemy between controlling the art work and knowing when to let yourself be guided by a greater force.’

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